Feet health: picking up the right shoes

Taking care of your feet is very important. Wearing shoes that don’t fit you properly can contribute to foot tiredness and pain and this is something that anyone would rather avoid. Comfortable shoes that fit well your feet can help prevent injuries such as blisters and calluses.

When buying a new pair of shoes you can make informed decisions to ensure that your feet wont suffer. According to Medicinenet and Mayo clinic, here are some tips that should help you when picking up your shoes:

(1) The best time to shop for shoes is at the end of the day when your feet are largest.

(2) Most of us have one foot that is larger than the other, so try on a pair that fits your larger foot.

(3) Dont select shoes by the size marked inside the shoe but by how the shoe fits your foot.

(4) Walk in the shoes before buying them. They should feel comfortable right away. Make sure your heel fits snugly in each shoe and doesnt slip as you walk.

(5) Try on both shoes and check the fit. Wiggle your toes. If you dont have at least a half-inch (1.3 centimeters) between your longest toe and the end of the shoe - approximately the width of your finger - try a larger size.

(6) Your heel should fit comfortably in the shoe with a minimum amount of slipping - the shoes should not ride up and down on your heel when you walk.

(7) The upper part of the shoes should be made of a soft, flexible material to match the shape of your foot. Shoes made of leather can reduce the possibility of skin irritations. Soles should provide solid footing and not be slippery. Low-heeled shoes are more comfortable, safer, and less damaging than high-heeled shoes.

All shoes eventually show signs of wear. And even if they still feel comfortable, they might not be providing enough support or shock absorption. Pay attention to the condition of your shoes. If the outsole is worn through, its time for a new pair....