How much do vitamin supplements really benefit your health?

Can vitamin supplements really create a positive impact on your health? You have probably noticed lately a wide variety of supplements on the market. They all promise to do good, but which ones really work for you? And how exactly do they benefit your health?

Experts tend to say that vitamin or mineral supplements can benefit our health, their primary function being to cover the nutrient needs that are not satisfied through real food. They are not intended to replace the food nor the healthy meals. If you choose to take any supplements for disease prevention, it is important to know whether the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

One thing is sure, food has to come first!

Vitamins are not intended to replace the healthy food you should eat every day. Healthy foods provide many bioactive compounds and dietary fiber that typically are not found in supplements. And some supplements don’t allow for full absorption of vitamins.

However, supplements can help in some cases. If you eat healthy most of the time, but you still have deficiencies that are not covered, vitamin and mineral supplements can close those gaps. Specialists from Harvard Medical School recommend to consult with your doctor if you feel you are lacking certain nutrients.

There are many research studies showing the pros and cons of vitamins and minerals, but at the end of the day, your doctor is the only one who can give you an overall view about your health and how to fill any possible nutrient gaps. If your healthcare provider prescribes you any supplements, keep in mind that it is important to follow strictly the recommended daily doses for that nutrient....