Sleep quality and natural landscapes: what is the connection?

What is the relationship between sleep quality and natural landscapes? A new research study from the University of Illinois reported that access to parks, sandy beaches and ocean views for men and people aged 65 or more actually help them sleep better.

Researchers surveyed 255,171 adults, to check if there was an association between self-reported days of insufficient sleep and access to green space. The team of researchers correlated the data regarding the quality over the last month for the people interviewed and found that individuals reporting insufficient sleep consistently had lower chances of access to green space and natural facilities, compared to those reporting fewer days of insufficient sleep.

For men, the relationship between sleep and exposure to green space was much stronger than for women, while males and females over 65 found nature to be an important sleep aid.

The researchers also noted that living near green landscapes was associated with higher levels of physical activity and exercise, which was beneficial for sleep.

These results are very important as they provide an additional incentive to protect the environment. It can also be used as a reference by nursing homes or communities with retired residents to design and protect dedicated green spaces, which encourage outdoor physical exercise and activities for men and women....