It's time to spring-clean your diet!

The arrival of spring usually reminds most of us that we need to stay fit and restore our body balance. At the same time, we might want to get rid of some extra pounds that we have accumulated during winter. In other words, its time to get started on the annual spring cleaning.

So, what do we actually need to eat this season to spring clean our body?

(1) Low fat animal protein - containing amino acids indispensable for the body: favor chicken or fish, skimmed milk, low fat cheese and eggs;

(2) Vegetable fats from sunflower corn, olive oils;

(3) Sugars are the source of immediate energy. Avoid excess potatoes, rice and pasta during spring. Replace them with greens such as spinach, radish, onions, green beans, tomatoes, pepper, which contain B vitamins.

(4) Fruits should be eaten alone, avoiding the combination with other foods that contain proteins and lipids because they might disrupt the digestion and lose a lot of vitamins. Also do not eat them at the end of the meal to avoid fermentation. Fresh fruits are better than fruit juices because they contain fewer calories and more fiber and are therefore more filling.

Consider a few tips:

Eat three meals and two snacks - will prevent excessive hunger and weight gain.

Drink more plain water - hydration is required. Forget fizzy soft drinks and alcohol.

Make sure you exercise or walk daily!...