Fruits and Veggies matter more!

Eating 7 or more fruits and vegetables a day is healthier than the 5 servings currently recommended and would prolong lives by cutting the risk of dying from cancer and heart disease, a new study suggests.

The study also found that fresh vegetables may be slightly more protective than fresh fruit. Researchers performed the study on 65,000 people in England aged 35 and older who answered questions about their eating habits.

To enjoy the full benefits of fruits and vegetables every day, you should count 80g in a portion.

Choose fresh fruits like apples, bananas, nectarines, pears or oranges to reach the right amount in a serving. For smaller fruits such as plums, cherries, try to eat several of them. Pick up fresh and seasonal vegetables, such as salad, baby onions, radishes to benefit from the full intake of vitamins.

Researchers warn that canned fruit have no benefit at all and may actually deteriorate your health because of the high quantities of sugar it contains....