Smart devices are increasingly contributing to sleep deprivation

Among the causes of sleep deprivation, a new emerging cause is gaining ground - the use smartphones and computers before bed. The number of sleep deprived people from the increased use of their devices is increasing every year. A recent research study from the University of Hertfordshire, in Britain found that 80 per cent of people are making it worse by using technology before sleeping which exposes them to disruptive blue light.

Blue light is present in morning light so late night gadget use can trick the body into speeding up the metabolism and making sleep more difficult. Academics found that the majority of people are making the problem worse by exposing themselves to disruptive blue light from computers and smartphones before going to bed.

Researchers warn that the blue light from these devices suppresses the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, so its important to avoid them before bed time. They recommend avoiding the use of devices in the two hours before going to bed.

The amount of sleep we need varies between individuals but adults generally require a minimum of seven to eight hours a night. Teenagers need more, around nine hours, but often do not get enough.

The rise in sleep deprived people is extremely worrying because getting less than seven hours sleep a night is below the recommended guidelines, and is associated with a range of problems, including an increased risk of weight gain, heart attacks, diabetes and cancer....