5 ways to avoid colds during spring

Coughing, fever, runny nose - these are the usual signs of a usual cold during spring. But how can colds be prevented during seasonal changes? Here is a list of tips that can help you prevent cold this spring:

(1) Wash your hands to keep germs away - really does prevent infections. Hands are veritable germ factories, so keep them away from your nose and mouth. Also keep them away from your food. Therefore, washing regularly with warm water and soap during the whole day will kill the germs;

(2) Vitamin D - The right amount of this super-nutrient is necessary and boosts immunity if you want to prevent or mount a defense against colds and viral challenges to your body;

(3) Eat garlic - Germs melt like wax in the presence of garlic. There is simply no way for germs to live in the presence of the anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties found in this herb. Raw garlic has natural phyto-chemicals and natural broad-spectrum antibiotics to support your immune system and should be consumed daily;

(4) Eat fruits and veggies - A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is helpful to combat early onset symptoms of sickness. Fresh vegetable juices with plenty of greens are especially good, binding toxins and escorting them safely out of the body.

(5) Raw Honey with Propolis - Unheated raw honey with propolis is the favored remedy for sore throats. Mix a tablespoon of honey with the squeezing of an entire organic lemon and take it to relieve sore throats....