Health benefits of lemon water

We all know water is very important for hydration, but some of you might find it boring sometimes. So how about adding up some lemon to it? Especially that you can get some more health benefits. And what exactly are those health benefits?

(1) Hydration: There may be arguments in the health community about exactly how much water to drink each day, but we do know its important to stay hydrated. For those who find water boring, lemon has long been suggested as a tasty addition to help compel them to chug.

(2) Constipation Help: Taking in plenty of water is helpful for constipation in general, and the citrus can give some help to get things moving inside.

(3) Freshen Your Skin: Thanks to all the vitamin C within lemons, your skin reaps the benefits of you drinking the fruit as well. And of course, drinking lots of water is great for skin in general.

(4) Pump Up The Immune System: Consuming the vitamin C daily (via lemon water) can help keep you healthy and stave off infection.

(5) Recover From A Workout: Lemon water provides the hydration needed and can easily replace sports drinks.

(6) Cleanses The Liver: Some doctors day that the liver can make more enzymes out of lemon juice than any other food. While an intensive cleanse may be unnecessary, this can help give your organ a boost....