Child dyslexia: what it is and how it can be managed?

Dyslexia is a type of learning disability. Before diagnosis, many children with dyslexia are poorly understood. Since dyslexia has nothing to do with a persons intelligence, parents of children with dyslexia are often perplexed when their child does poorly in school or struggles to read a simple book. Is the child lazy? Inattentive? Not as smart as he or she seems?

Children with dyslexia have problems processing the information they see when looking at a word. Often a dyslexic child will have trouble connecting the sound made by a specific letter or deciphering the sounds of all the letters together that form a word. Given these challenges, children with dyslexia often also have trouble with writing, spelling, speaking, and math.

Children with dyslexia can have mild to severe impairment. Signs of the condition vary widely from person to person. Young children with dyslexia may have the following signs and symptoms:

(1) A late talker
(2) Pronunciation problems
(3) Difficulty rhyming words
(4) Impaired ability to learn basics such as the alphabet, colors, and numbers
(5) Problems with handwriting and other fine motor skills
(6) Confusing letters or the orders of letters within words
(7) Trouble learning the connection between letters and their sounds

In older children or adults with dyslexia, these other signs may appear:
(1) Trouble with reading, writing, and spelling
(2) Ongoing trouble with schoolwork
(3) Difficulty learning a foreign language
(4) Poor handwriting
(5) Difficulty remembering numbers
(6) Trouble following a sequence of directions and telling left from right

Fortunately, with the proper assistance and help, most kids with dyslexia are able to learn to read and develop strategies that allow them to stay in the regular classroom.

They usually work with a specially trained teacher, tutor, or reading specialist to learn how to read, spell, and manage the condition. Your childs teacher, psychologist, or pediatrician may recommend an academic therapist - also called an education therapist or an academic language therapist - who is trained to work with kids with dyslexia....